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May God truly bless the innocent lives of Black people that continue to be taken away by the racism of cops, ESPECIALLY George Floyd (SAY THEIR NAMES). Pay attention to the ways that you can contribute to this act. Those that are still being silenced by this, shows your true colors and character. Don’t ignore something because it makes you uncomfortable, DEAL WITH IT. He couldn’t breath fighting for his LIFE, while the other police officers just stood there and watched it happen. The rest of the Black lives being murdered is NOT an accident and neither of them deserve to suffer UNJUSTLY. History will continue to REPEAT itself unless we change our mindset, attitude, and actions. Please stop the violence of many innocent lives. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Don’t just post on social media and view it as a trend, EDUCATE yourself first. Don’t be afraid to USE your voice. Stop prioritizing excuses to why you’re still being silent, and start stepping out of your comfort zone. I see so many people using chains, and tagging each other as if it’s the most contributory thing to use when there are other things you can do to take part of. If you’re a celebrity/influencer and have a huge platform, why the hell ignore it instead of actually using it? That’s indeed selfish when many have helped you get to where you are at today. So why not help spread love, positivity, or ways to donate and take action? No matter how big or small your platform is, don’t be afraid to use your voice and take action!

We cannot continue to allow racism to defeat us. Understand that you are part of the problem if you’re not willing to stick up for the Black community. There’s always a solution to every problem, so solve it by taking action in this movement. If America is known to have ‘freedom,’ then take that as your power to speak up. Don’t be afraid to call stupidity and racism out even if it’s your own manager, close friends, family members, colleagues, who cares! Don’t be afraid to burn bridges and surround yourself with a better company. Actions may speak ‘louder’ than words, but who says we also can’t all come together in ONE voice to help make a big change in this so called “Land of the Free?”

Black lives don’t just matter “every other day,” they matter EVERY SINGLE damn day of every second and hour. All lives will NOT matter until Black lives DO. This isn’t about you at the moment, this is about THEM. Stop the selfish acts and remove the ignorant mindsets that some of you may still have, and change your toxic mentality. For the rest of POC, we may never truly understand but we must and forever stand until we win. I understand that we are all angry, tired, sad, and fed up but we will not lose. No justice and no peace means no EQUALITY. We can’t ‘love’ our enemies until we find peace.

Questions you should ask yourself:

Have we all experienced racism before?

Possibly yes. If you’re so “White-privileged,” then you probably wouldn’t know how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes. Remember that there’s a billion people throughout the world from every race. Each race has the ones that can be racist towards other races, and it would be ignorant to say that your own people can’t be racist.

Why is All Lives Matter even a thing?

Of course “All Lives Matter” is important for non-POC too, but stating this towards the people that are actually the ones suffering is just trying to disregard and dishonor them.

What do you think about NON-POC?

I think we are all equal no matter where we stand. God created everyone for a reason so that we can stand out as a whole. We have to be more open-minded of other’s cultures, and respect their morals and values from different backgrounds. Judge people on the inside instead of their image outside.

Is America really the greatest country in the world?

Personally, I’ve never believed so. This country isn’t supposed to be only a ‘White’ country, it’s supposed to be made up of all different minorities and nationalities of ethnic groups. But so far, many POC still don’t get the same rights and equality.

Are all cops bad?

Let’s put it this way:

“If you have 10 bad cops and 1000 good cops, but the 1000 good cops don’t turn in the 10 bad cops, you have 1010 bad cops.”

So before you constantly defend cops by their actions, pay attention to the quote!

Is rooting or looting businesses/towns necessary?

I honestly don’t think so, because many people are using that advantage to be selfish for the wrong reasons that don’t actually honor the #BLM movement instead of protesting peacefully. If you want peace for the Black community, then show peace and respect them.

How has Black culture inspired you?

I’ve always admired their pop culture, music, dances, fashion, and food as an Asian. They’ve dramatically influenced so many people across the world. Despite the ongoing racism, Black people also have tremendous advantages that can’t be forgotten. Without them, we wouldn’t have come so far.

How do you justify racism?

Systematic oppression, discrimination, and prejudice are the roots of racism. People are treated differently because of their color or where they came from. Stereotypes does not define who they really are as an individual. We’ve all struggled differently and know what it’s like to suffer as a minority that can’t compare. There’s still a long way to go to educate myself and those on this topic than what I already know.

Should we fight racism with racism?

OF COURSE NOT. This is what so many of us lack today to understand in this generation. Fighting racism with racism is never going to end unequal rights or injustices for POC.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

John 13:34

I respectfully beg everyone to treat each other with kindness instead of violence and hatred.

What can you do to educate those around you?

Have tough and uncomfortable conversations, but don’t get too aggressive. I think we should be passively confident to get those to understand and learn from their mistakes. There’s a variety of links, sources, books, movies, etc. to read and watch that you can find and share.

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