What’s happening in the world right now?

Anti-Racism Movement

Black Lives Matter isn’t over and will always continue to matter forever. Keep supporting your fellow Black members in the community until they receive their justice and rights they deserve. But just because we’re still fighting for our Black brothers and sisters, doesn’t mean that the rest of POC shouldn’t matter too.

It’s dwelling to continuously see POC keep suffering, and we demand to have an end to all of it now. If you’re still being ignorant about this topic, you’re not educated enough. If your mindset is “Oh it’s okay to be racist to the rest of POC as long as it’s not towards Black people,” you’re still not being educated enough.

Racism will not be tolerated or accepted. It doesn’t matter what race we are or where we come from, we are all equal. The minorities and immigrants of POC shouldn’t have to keep suffering under stereotypes and circumstances. Please understand that every POC are different and unique, and there will always be the good and bad in every race. Stop making some bad situations define the entire race when there are men, women, and children going missing that are being locked in cages.

To non-POC, you guys know who you are. Being ignorant just means that you need to educate yourself until you no longer have toxic traits to use against others. Having the audacity to say that “All Lives Matter” isn’t going to make a difference. “All Lives Matter” is like an excuse to say that only “Yt Lives Matter” towards the activists that are fighting for the Black community, and shows that you have no soul for the movement.

“All Lives Matter” will only matter if Black lives do too. It’s not just about “Black Lives Matter,” it’s about showing equality that the rest of POC should have. The color of their skin shouldn’t matter, and having ‘whiter’ skin doesn’t make anyone more superior than one another. Every Black citizen should especially receive the same opportunities as much as non-POC. And if you’re not woke, be woke. If you’re woke, then stay woke.

No one should ever have to keep living in constant fear of what they’re doing that’s HARMLESS while minding their own business, could be their last moment. No matter the situation that’s harmful or not, every Black lives are still so important. They’re human, they’re someone, and they deserve to be here with us alive. Police brutality is not a joke, and we need to make a change to stop the corruption in their Law Enforcement system. They’re supposed to protect its citizens instead of constantly destroying them in an unjustified manner.

Many of our Black brothers and sisters have gone missing, hanged, or found dead when they should be here safe fighting together. Don’t treat this as a conspiracy when there’s still Black people dying from this chaotic world. Some stories have been recently released, and it’s frustrating to see the media not talk about it sooner. Screw the history books that were taught in school, because the system likes to brainwash their kids and whitewash the truth. You won’t believe how many lies they feed you or what they’re trying to hide, but in the end—our Black brothers and sisters know the truth.

There has been numerous encounters of POC attacking their own people, or putting force and violence towards other races. Did we forget that we are all in this together? We’re supposed to unite and fight for each other instead of with each other! We have to love one another and show peace within the community to end racism and the suffering of POC.


This ongoing pandemic has started since mid January in Wuhan, China and is still on the rise. The U.S has the highest number of cases and deaths in the world right now. If Americans weren’t so entitled thinking we’re the “richest” and “best” country in the world and do whatever they want, then maybe we all wouldn’t have to keep suffering right? This country is filled with hypocrisy that will soon be more corrupt.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, many Asians have been discriminated against and attacked. Trump has been so ignorant lately and calls the virus the “ChineseVirus” or “ChinaVirus.” The virus has a name for a reason, which I don’t understand why others still have a hard time calling it by its name. Just because the virus originated from China, doesn’t mean that you should go around and call it the “ChineseVirus” or “ChinaVirus.” That’s discriminating against the people in China, and calling them a “virus” when they’re not.

There are many histories of where a certain virus has originated from, but that doesn’t define their nation or individuality. The virus is spread by nature, not by race itself. The problem about Americans is that, the majority of them are clueless about geography. Americans have no clue how many Asian countries there are, and assume that all Asians are the same. If a person looks “Asian,” that doesn’t always mean that they’re Chinese or have the virus. Americans can call Asians “disgusting” and make fun of other races, but forget that America has depended and relied on other minorities for hundreds of years to help built this country.

Wearing a mask is very beneficial and effective believe it or not. Wearing a mask helps prevent any droplets of bacteria going through your mouth and spreading it to people around you, especially when infected or sick. That’s why it’s so important to wash your hands and body thoroughly after coming home or if you came in contact with it. Keep in mind that social distancing isn’t over either, we have to protect ourselves in order for others around us to be safe. Everything is all on you whether you want to continue to be ignorant or not. The whole country of America needs to wake up now, and realize how much better other countries are doing compared to us from the start.

COVID-19 may have a higher survival rate especially for younger people, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not serious or that you shouldn’t have to take it seriously. You could spread it to others around you that are at higher risk of death like your elders and older people in general, or people that already have health complications. Stop bringing religion as an excuse to ignore this pandemic, you’re also part of the problem. This isn’t about your selfish self, don’t forget that there are loved ones around you as well.

Yemen Crisis

Yemen is in the middle of a brutal civil war, leaving the whole country endangered. Millions of children and families are starving and suffering to death, fighting for their lives. Today, Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world with a brink of having the worst famine ever while battling a plague all at once. We have to do everything we can for them to be protected, and help provide them food and other necessities through donations and aid.

Yemen is also becoming one of the most violent crime rate in the world. The war has still been going on for years in the Middle East with one of their neighboring countries, Saudi Arabia. It’s far too dangerous for any travelers or tourists to go there due to a very high risk of terrorism, and other criminal acts. Their government is very corrupted, and not to be trusted.

Muslim Concentration Camps in China

There’s a mass detention of Muslims, Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, and other ethnic religions or foreign citizens. Millions of these people and even younger minors are being trapped in this prison camp that started in March 2017. The Communist Party and People’s Republic of China are strongly against their religion, and have strictly rules of what or what not to do. They want to do everything they can to destroy their traditions, culture, and religion. The reason for this is because they’re not from the Han race, and would “behave” in ways that the government thought was objectionable.

Everyday they’re being abused, tortured, and forced to do something that’s against their religion, like eating pork. About more than 130,000 people in this concentration camp die every 3 months. They’re being put under slavery and the survivors are suffering on end. The Chinese officials warned this could be the next genocide.

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