Travel Adventures

Let’s take a moment and time out of your busy day to go on an adventure in your lifetime. As much as I like being a homebody, I love to travel to see the world and where it takes me. 

Why do we love travelling? It’s a rush of excitement we feel inside once you step in the airport feeling ready and relieved to go on a flight to a new destination, or even when you’re going on a little road trip.

One of the best things about traveling is, tasting new foods that you probably have been dying to try. Each country has such spectacular and exotic cuisines. Looking at food vloggers always make me crave everything they try! If you ask me what my dream job is, I’d travel and become a food critic. It may sound cliche, but you’ll never know what you like/dislike without trying something new that could be a surprise. 

Scratch out those international fast food chains and try real authentic foods across the globe. Sure it may sound strange if you’re eating something that you’re not familiar with, but you have to accept and respect that it’s part of their culture. One of the craziest delicacies I’ve tried before while I was in Cambodia were fried tarantulas and bugs. In my reference, they really do taste much better than how it looks or sounds no matter how odd it seems.

Some foreigners are clueless about the history of a country. Before leaving to a new destination, learn before you go! Learn what to do and what not to do. 

As we travel, we experience all types of people where ever we go. You’ll learn more about people, their language, and lifestyle than how you were normally raised. Not everyone can afford to travel, but there’s always a way to visit another country. Each destination can remind you to be blessed and appreciative of the life you’re given without taking it for granted, and to just enjoy the moment.

“Travel. Your money will return, your time won’t.”


I’m in love with big cities and nature, but also have a soft spot for beaches with a drink in my hand. Going on boat rides is always the best time to see breathtaking views.

Angkor Watt, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Everyone’s dream vacation may be going on a cruise or seeing the sunset in Cancun, but I definitely recommend everyone to go to Cambodia! Cambodia itself doesn’t get much recognition that it needs. Cambodia has so many hidden gems and treasures that everyone should explore. Take your chance, Cambodia might just surprise you.

Cambodia may be one of the poorest nation in Southeast Asia, but it’s amazing to see how rapidly the country is developing. It’s also one of the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia! I was amazed to see how fun and loving Cambodia really is. Cambodia is pretty much influenced by its neighbors; Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. They all share similar foods with a taste of their own culture and tradition. 

Cambodia has such a natural beauty and a dreadful past. If you ever go to Cambodia, don’t miss out on the Angkor Watt. It is the largest religious monument in the world with thousands of visitors every year. You could possibly get to ride horses or elephants, and take lots of pictures. I remember climbing on top of the horse with a fake sword on my hand and had many pictures taken, I’d definitely do it again!

Pub Street, Siem Reap

Don’t just go to Cambodia to visit the Angkor Watt. I highly recommend visiting their Cultural Village, Pub Street, mountains, and other historical temples/buildings. There are also many nice beaches and resorts!

Pub Street is a very local spot for tourists to go to if you’re a big fan of pubs, clubs, and bars. There’s so much to do and so many delicious foods to try. It definitely should be on your must-do list for a vacation. 

There’s still so many places in the world that I haven’t been to yet. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would definitely be Europe. I’d love to be anywhere in Europe especially Greece, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I would love to visit other exotic places and visit every continent out there. I also wouldn’t mind traveling as a living or vlogger one day. 

Traveling has so many opportunistic advantages for gaining knowledge of the world. It’s nice to feel like you’re away from reality for a little while, and forget all of your problems. Every time I leave back home, I look at all of the beautiful memories and pictures I’ve made that I can cherish forever hoping to go back soon one day.

If I could ever give a saying it would be,

“Travel, it’s good for the soul.”

Let’s always remember to live life to its fullest and seek spontaneous adventures.

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