If I were to answer Miss Universe questions

Miss Universe 2020 seems upsetting for many countries this year by unpredictable results and possible “bias” between judges that left us questionable. Due to the pandemic, the Miss Universe 2020 competition didn’t take place until May 2021 in Hollywood, Florida. We were shocked to see different candidates making it through finalists. It’s not always because we think they didn’t deserve to get placed, but because there were plenty of talented and great speaking contestants that didn’t make it to finalists. Most of the finalists’ q & a weren’t entirely bad, but they didn’t really draw my attention as much. However, I do understand how hard the ladies must have worked to get to where they are at in that moment. In the end, each Miss Universe 2020 contestant has won a lot of hearts and friendships with beautiful memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Beauty pageants takes a lot of progress and training as well as patience. Speaking in front of the judges and a large crowd can be very anxiety-inducing and nerve-wracking, especially when there’s a time limit to the question being asked that might not be comprehensible to the contestant. The judges definitely want to see your knowledge and what you have to offer. Having to think quick and answer with a fluid speech is quite stressful on stage. Fear of public speaking has always been a nightmare for me which is one of the reasons why I’ve started blogging. Overall, I believe that blogging can help anyone intellectually develop their communication skills to achieve as a spokesperson.

Winning a beauty pageant title would be a wonderful and life-changing experience for anyone. Even if you don’t win a big title like in Miss Universe, you’ve still managed to make it this far and that is one of the greatest accomplishments in life to me. It’s hard to imagine myself competing in beauty pageants yet alone Miss Universe, because I’ve never been the greatest communicator or the tallest person out there. It seems to be that tall contestants are more favored to the judges, but height should not be a priority in competitions when it’s all about how you present yourself and what impact you’re making in the community.

There are also some circumstances where I tend to second guess questions, stumble my words, and pause at random times during meeting sessions that makes me hesitate myself a lot knowing that I shouldn’t. But I do believe that anything is possible, because non-stop practice could in no doubt make your words flow effortlessly on stage once you become more fulfilled with yourself. And honest speaking, why should looks matter in every aspect anyways? Aren’t beauty pageants supposed to look for the inner beauty of you rather than the outside of your appearance? A strive to look tall and beautiful is overrated. Although looking presentable is important, beauty without intelligence does not make your character stand out from the other contestants.

Pretend that you’re one of the Miss Universe contestants. What would you want to represent yourself as on stage? If I were to be part of Miss Universe, I would want to represent my country that we’re much more than just a poor nation in Southeast Asia filled with beauty and diversity that surrounds our rich culture. Now here’s the exciting part, I’m going to challenge myself to try the Miss Universe q & a if I were the contestant. (Fair warning) this is obviously just for fun if any of my answers are going to trigger any readers out there.

My answers to the final Miss Universe q & a

1. If you were the leader of your country, how would you have handled the COVID-19 pandemic?

While many countries have failed to keep their citizens healthy and secure in the pandemic, I believe I would have everyone act fast and require to take extra precautions as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from worsening in my country. I would want to create strict guidelines where my country is travel-free in a social distancing environment until the cases have firmly made a sharp decline.

2. Should countries lock down due to COVID-19, despite the strain on their economies, or should they open their borders and risk a potential increase in infection rates?

There are alternative ways to sustain the economy depending on the manufacturing industry. We cannot keep putting everyone else’s lives at risk due to unaffordable expenses of healthcare, and lack of support from the government that will eventually lead countries to its downfall if they don’t start planning out resolutions ahead. The protection and safety of every nation should be convenient in the sake of their lives.

3. Women are still incapable of becoming world leaders. Convince these countries that they are wrong.

Without us women, life would be meaningless regardless of men. God created both genders to stand out so that we can grow and prosper together. The society usually views us less than we are when we have the right to conquer anything in this world despite the hardships that we face. We are enough as women and we shouldn’t allow any negativity to hinder or underestimate some of our greatest capabilities that we have to offer. Everyone should be equal no matter what race, size, sexuality, or gender we are. As a woman, I want to advocate that women are powerful individuals with a purpose just as men. That is why we are here. Thank you.

4. The night she won Miss Universe, Zozi Tunzi explained the importance of teaching leadership to young girls. How would you do that as a Miss Universe?

I want to empower the youthful generation to embrace who they are instead of following society standards and norms in order to become a more confident and successful leader. Coming from my personal experiences, I understand how fear can take over control of your life if you let it. Our mind is greater than you think, so it’s very important to step outside of your comfort zone to present what you stand for and what makes you differ. Authenticity is the key of becoming a good leader and I don’t need an award to prove otherwise.

5. What would you say to the women watching tonight who are currently experiencing sexual or domestic abuse?

To the women who are watching tonight, I want you to know that you are not alone because many women have been in your shoes and I want to remind you that pain is temporary. You’re a strong warrior that’s deeply loved and appreciated who can overcome any challenges in life. There is always going to be light awaiting for you at the end of the tunnel, so don’t give up and keep going.

These Miss Universe final questions were definitely tricky for me to answer. My answers were obviously not the best, but this was just for fun! I honestly enjoyed answering them as if I were one of the contestants in the competition.

I highly recommend all of the ladies to practice answering beauty pageant questions if you ever want to have a shot to become Miss Universe one day. I’m not an expert here, but having a lengthy answer doesn’t always mean that it’s the best answer unless it’s coming from the heart and doesn’t go over the time limit.

Thanks for taking your time out of your day to see me entertain you.


Dominique ㋛

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