Vocal media challenge: Doomsday Diary

The main requirement is to have a heart-shaped locket that includes a central plot point, a minor detail about one of your characters, or somewhere in between with a word limit of 600-2,000 words. For the heart-shaped locket that’s somewhere in between, I’ve described how the necklace symbolizes the departed loved ones that I’ll forever cherish deep in my heart. In my diary, this is what represents life after death in the new world—hoping to see your loved ones again by the end of time. Please be mindful that I am new to vocal media and just came across this challenge recommended by a family member. I do not expect to win, but it would be a great opportunity for me to network with writers and see my fullest potential.

The Aftermath of the New World|Living Wonders

Life is full of rollercoasters, journeys, and destinations that we seek into this world. Everything in this world is temporary and will no longer be existent once it becomes devoured. The things that we once stressed out for will be meaningless. Fame, wealth, hunger, and sorrow will officially cease. But how will you survive the apocalypse? Will you make it into the new world? Even in death, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So we can turn our energies into anything that we can bring to the next world! Remember, our souls will live on but our temporary bodies won’t.

Imagine the world today if everything blacked out worldwide like the purge. There would be no electronic devices or electricity that you can use, grocery stores shutting down where people are unable to get access for food and other necessities, people hunting each other down for supplies, and nation going against nation. 

During apocalyptic events, it seems impossible not to survive many trials that come with it. However, you eventually end up being the only person in the world that did. You’ve managed to escape the troubles that you didn’t succumb to. The nuclear wars, zombie apocalypse, tsunami waves, and an asteroid collision. Humanity on earth is only meant for a short period of time. If you don’t have the survival skills and essentials provided, then it would not be possible to escape upcoming disasters.

In order to survive, you must find a way to grow your own food and water. You must build an underground bomb proof and earthquake proof shelter that you can protect yourself in where no one can track you. It’s important to do this ahead of time, because nobody knows when these disasters are going to happen so you have to get yourself prepared first. 

Despite the obstacles and challenges of an apocalypse, you somehow survived through it. But what if it was never an apocalypse to begin with and it turned out to be something else with no logical explanation at all? 

The universe is more humongous than you think, because it’s full of everlasting galaxies and planets that scientists have yet to discover. There is no way earth is the only life. Maybe earth is just a reflection in another dimension that’s preparing you for the next life into the new world. Sometimes you wonder, what if there’s humans on a different planet that are our twins who mimic everything we do?! And maybe one day when you wake up, you’ll realize that everything was just a dream and that you’re the only person left in this world, while everyone else that appeared to be in your life suddenly vanishes. Who knows what happened or where they could be?

There’s no traces of human or animal life except you, but all there is left is nature and ghost towns. The world is oddly silent and spooky. You start to get goosebumps and feelings of emptiness. Every ocean in the world turned into a desert and all of the sea creatures have become extinct. Everything that once existed is no longer present. What if the world ended while you were asleep and you were the only person left that survived?  

There’s no doubt that you feel haunted by the disappearance of life that once lived. Maybe the whole of humanity has been captured by an alien invasion into the new world while you’re left by yourself. Perhaps, you would have to find an exit on your way out to go to the next world. As you’re walking, you unexpectedly find an abandoned time machine on the road that surprisingly opens up to a portal that takes you to the new world. It sure is a bumpy ride and full of adventure!

The portal takes you to the new world and you experience all kinds of living things that you wouldn’t experience on earth. The new world is highly advanced with greater technology. The size of humans and living creatures are considered giants. Robots are twice the intelligence of humans and animals are able to communicate with us. There is no such thing as death anymore, because all living things will be able to live a long and never-ending life. There will be magical fairies that can make you fly wherever you want to go. You can create your own wings, your own house, and even transform yourself into supernatural beings!

The next new world is an unimaginable place like no other. As soon as you enter into the new world, you wouldn’t want to look back on your past life that you’ve had on earth. Everything just feels so uniquely different. Time doesn’t exist and everything happens in a blink of an eye unlike earth. The new world is where life is good without a single negative thought. You’ll feel an infinite spark of happiness there.

Life itself has never been perfect, but after every storm always comes a rainbow and sunshine just like how light awaits at the end of the tunnel. And that’s how life after death should be in the new world!

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Check out what my first Doomsday Diary looks like! https://vocal.media/fiction/the-aftermath-of-the-new-world?utm_campaign=Your%20story%20has%20been%20approved&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Sendgrid

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