Happy September

September is a new month, just like how everyday of every year is always a new day. Fall season is right around the corner as summer finally comes to an end. Congrats you’ve made it to this month! Autumn is a beautiful time of the year.

We’re going through the last 3 months of the year. If you ask me how I feel about this, I feel completely overwhelmed with everything that has happened this year. Not to be dramatic, but August felt like it only lasted for a couple hours and then BAM here comes September.

Through many good and bad times, I’m proud of myself for making it this far without giving up. Every time life knocks me down, I find a way to get back up on my feet. Sometimes no one will be there to help you so you have to help yourself. It feels like God is testing me which isn’t a bad thing. I know for the fact that God puts me through hardships in order to prepare me for greater blessings in the future, that’s why I will always trust in Him to guide me in life.

I’m still taking my time to heal over a loved one. I’m not alone and you’re not alone either. We’re all going through bumpy roads in this difficult time. I highly encourage everyone to keep going no matter what obstacles life throws at you!

Time flies in a blink of an eye before you know it. We’re usually told that we have “a whole life ahead” of us while we’re still young, but many forget that sometimes our lives could also be taken away at any moment no matter how old you are.

Please don’t waste your time not being serious or committed to anything. Life is seriously too short. Live the life that you love and choose your happiness. I can’t imagine wasting time not knowing what could possibly happen next.

Learn how to love. Learn how to be considerate. Learn how to forgive. Learn how to grow. And most importantly, learn how to live. Learning is part of life and actions will always speak louder than words.

Reminder: You’re worthy and have so much love to give. It’s not too late to change to become a better version of you. You’re enough and should never settle for less.

Dear Lord, I pray that September will bring many blessings filled with joy. I pray that you give each and every one of us the strength to overcome trials and tribulations. I pray that you block out anything that is not meant for me and serves no purpose in my life. With every breath I take, I will trust in you to guide me to the right pathway and grow my faith. I am grateful for the life I’m given and will not want to waste it by being down all the time. I pray that kindness and positivity will fight the evil in this world. I pray for all the families to find light and peace soon. I pray for the ones to turn from their wicked intentions and seek God within their hearts.


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