Why I took a break from blogging

Even though I took a break from writing blogs for a while, it feels really good to finally be back. Ever since I first started writing, I became more expressive than I’ve ever thought. I’ve always had trouble opening up and being vulnerable in person until I found my voice on here. The easy part about writing is being able to voice our thoughts, opinions, and vice versa. The not so easy part is staying consistent and keeping your blogs updated nearly every week/month. I’m not trying to give the benefit of the doubt that you shouldn’t take a break if you ever feel burned out at times, but I strongly advise that you should never give up on writing if you’re truly passionate about it and that goes out to other passions as well. I know I have been slacking from blogging for a year, but I’m glad to say that I found my way back into my love for writing once again!

The Truth

The reason why I haven’t blogged in a while was because I was lacking motivation and self-discipline while trying to do everything else at once. I let my previous relationship become a distraction since I was so invested in that person. The person whom I was with never told me to stop blogging or anything, in fact, they were actually very supportive of my blogs. Thus, I won’t go into further details of my last relationship or get too personal since we didn’t workout. I won’t hold anything against my last relationship either, because that person taught me everything I needed to know about love. Both positive and negative. I was just going through so much stress that I decided to take a step back from blogging for a bit to focus on other things and figure myself out. Now you’re probably confused on why I would take a break from blogging when it’s the greatest outlet to share your feelings with the world and feel heard. Well you’re right.

I was still processing my grief over a loss, juggling work, getting more involved in the community, preparing for a beauty pageant, and going through a rocky relationship that took a toll on me as time went on. I have no reason for me to complain, because I was the one that put myself into this position to where I felt incompetent. I came to a realization that you can’t control different circumstances, but you can control how you react to that situation. And if you think stress is avoidable, you’re absolutely wrong. It’s inevitable, because having problems in life are completely out of our control. However, all of the stress and pain was worth it in the end. I became stronger and grew through perseverance and adversity. Life will never be fair and make unexpected turns so sudden, but everything we go through truly does happen for the right reason. We may not know the reason now since we constantly look for answers around whenever certain things happen to us, but eventually the pieces will slowly start to pick up and make perfect sense. One day, I’ll look back and be even more proud of how far I’ve gotten.

Writing can take a lot of effort if you have to thoroughly think on what you have to say, but there’s more than just writing. We learn more about ourselves as we write, which is why there’s people who do journaling and write diaries. Writing also helps improve our mental health and provide us strength. It gives us a different outlook in life and how to process our feelings better. That’s why writing will always have my heart forever!

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