22 Things I’ve Learned in 2022

This post may be like 3 months late, but I’ve been wanting to share some of the most memorable chapters of mine. 2022 was definitely the year of my era, full of growth and many fulfilling experiences. The losses I’ve had also came with gains that are unforgettable without a doubt. Everything that has happened to me in 2022 helped me grow and shape me as a person today. My goal is to hopefully inspire people with my struggles and failures. Here are 22 things that 2022 has taught me:

1. When one door closes, many other doors will open.

2. In order to grow in life, you have to get uncomfortable first.

3. Both of your accomplishments and failures are a part of growth.

4. No matter what you do or accomplish, you can never please everyone so it’s a waste of time to worry about what other people think.

5. You are the only one that can determine your worth, because nobody knows you better than yourself.

6. Some people are only meant for a chapter in your life until their season is up.

7. No matter how much you love someone, you cannot force them to love you forever.

8. Love is a choice and should not be based on feelings.

9. Life was never about finding someone, it’s about finding yourself.

10. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else can believe in you.

11. You never know who’s inspired by your journey.

12. The future isn’t promised, it’s either now or never.

13. You’ll never know how capable you might be without trying something new.

14. There’s no such thing as rejection, but a redirection to your destiny.

15. Wrong timing is like saying everything happens for no reason when everything usually happens for a reason at the right time.

16. Some people can’t handle the weight of your crown.

17. No one can ruin your mood, but yourself.

18. Standing out means being authentic and true to yourself, not because it looks good.

19. There is beauty in your darkest moments.

20. Always remember that pain is temporary and nothing lasts forever.

21. All good things must come to an end, but every ending is always a new beginning.

22. There is always room for improvement, because you never really stop learning or growing in life.

Final Thoughts

Of course there’s many more things I’ve learned in 2022, but I’ll always be grateful for these important life lessons and the special times I’ve shared. 2022 gave me so many mixed emotions. I felt sadness, happiness, excitement, tension, etc. However, all of my feelings just means that I’m a human being too. 2022 will forever be cherished, but it’s time to close that chapter and turn over the page for the next chapter of my life. I hope we all have the courage to make our dreams a reality one day. And remember, this is only just the beginning!

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