Awareness for Asians

As an Asian American growing up in the United States, I’m speaking up on behalf of the Asian community. We’re no longer being silent and will fight for our people until we’re heard. We’re tired of being under the shadows and we demand justice for our people that have been hurt or recently killed. Racism and discrimination is always so normalized towards Asians. Americans should be taught geography carefully to everyone and realize that not every Asian is “Chinese” and how diverse Asia really is. We’re not the same people and it’s absolutely disgusting and infernal to generalize and attack the entire Asian community over a ridiculous situation that doesn’t inevitably define every single one of us. Why talk about being against racism but want to normalize it towards Asians? The amount of hypocrisy is undeniable.

We should be reciprocated with the same amount of energy to fight against racism. You can’t pick and choose which race matters more than one another just because we’ve each experienced racial injustices differently before. Ever since COVID-19 rose the past year, many Asians have been targeted and it just doesn’t stop there. The hate crime towards Asians in America has increased by 1900%. Predominantly Asian elders are the ones being attacked across the U.S, because they’d rather target the weaker ones instead of targeting someone more stronger. Those criminals should take accountability and punishment for their wicked actions. The media is not talking about this enough, because apparently we don’t matter enough to be all over the news and receive the justice that we deserve. The only times I’ve ever heard about these brutal incidents were through social media. America without a doubt needs to do better, because whether you care about us or not- we’re not ever going to continue to stay silent forever.

The stereotypes that all Asians eat dogs or weird foods? Go learn the history of how Asians dealt with being poor in poverty back then, but does that go to every single Asian out there? No. I’m Asian, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I eat dogs nor do the majority of my family members or the Asian community. Heck Americans even eat alligator, roadkill, squirrel, bears, rattlesnakes, Rocky Mountain oysters, and the list goes on. Every country has at least ate some bizarre things as well, so your point is not valid enough to target only Asians. “Asians can’t see,” because our eyes are too ‘small’ yet everyone else likes to squint without their glasses on and use the fox eye trend. Not all Asians are always good at math or generally smart too. Plus, Asians aren’t really a damn virus just because it originated from one place in China but what about the rest of Asia specifically? Of course you don’t know the names of most Asian countries so you blame and use China for your argument instead, regardless of Covid.

Now what about the U.S that’s mostly responsible for the most cases and deaths because it’s still a hoax and a joke? People believing that it’s a hoax, but also brutalizing Asians at the same time doesn’t sit right with me. Oh and historically, America had the Spanish flu and influenza which killed hundreds of millions. It perfectly makes sense how it’s so easy to make fun of Asians since Asia is the biggest continent in the world right? Precisely! You make fun of Asians and throw whatever hatred you can but then eat our food, buy our stuff, and use our products that’s made in Asia especially from China. Keep in mind that China created some of the greatest inventions that changed the world, while we heavily rely on them for our economy here in America.

Via Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom

Recent anti-Asian hate crimes

Vicha Ratanapakdee knocked to the ground and killed by teen

Noel Quintana slashed across face with box cutter

Christian Hall shot and killed by police officers during a suicidal attempt

52-year-old Chinese woman shoved on the forehead

Vietnamese grandmother robbed at Lunar New Years

91-year-old Asian elder assaulted and pushed

Sadly, these are just some examples of the incidents that happened recently because there are definitely more attacks that haven’t been shown or heard. These anti-Asian attacks are not only happening in major cities, but also happening across the world that needs to be justified. The hate and xenophobia is still perpetuating against the Asian community, so what exactly do people want from the Asian community?! We don’t need sh*t from anyone, because we as a minority group are already tired of suffering from our racial stereotypes and people believing that every single one of us are the main “cause” of the pandemic.

Asians are often underestimated and taken advantage of, because many assume that we never speak up or stand up for our people. Believe it or not, there are still some of us out there that are willing to stand up for a cause and fight for the Asian community. I have a platform and I am going to use my voice to help make a difference. If I’m going to get bashed on, misunderstood or misinterpreted for standing up for the Asian community and POC, then so be it.

How you can help

  • EDUCATE: Whether it’s yourself or the people around you that need to be educated. Educate each other about the racism of Asians in history. Educate about the geography of Asia, because Asia has so many different countries and cultures. Besides East Asia- there’s also South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Western Asia included.
  • DO NOT BRING ANY OF THE BLM MOVEMENT INTO OUR PROBLEM: Please understand that blaming the Black community and bringing them up won’t help undo any of the problems that the Asian community faces. The Black community has worked extremely hard to fight for equality and to be treated fairly for their skin color.
  • NEVER COMPARE RACISM FROM EACH MINORITY GROUP: This seems to always be the biggest issue, comparing each other’s racism issues is just constantly bringing minority groups against each other. Again, you cannot pick and choose which race matters more and what race doesn’t. This will never help gain anything out of it.
  • SPREAD AWARENESS: Share the news of what’s going on in the Asian community. The more people that are aware, the more we can all join together to help make an impact to end all racism without violence.
  • TAKE ACTION: Protest. Create banners. You can also go to AAPI and report any incidents or hate encounters towards Asian Americans.

Asians are not a virus.

Hispanics are not illegal.

Black people are not threats.

Muslims are not terrorists.

Native Americans are not savages.