K-pop Impressions

These last few generations have made a drastic change in the K-pop world and industry. For the new ones, K-pop (also known as Korean pop) is a form of many genres of music originating in South Korea that’s influenced by many parts of the world. K-pop became so popular internationally that some of the biggest K-pop stars collaborated with other artists in America like Selena Gomez, Halsey, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, and etc. From the addicting tunes and melodies to some of the most iconic choreography, K-pop has truly sparked the eyes of the audience.

How I first discovered K-pop

It all started in 3rd Grade when my older brother showed me a music video from a K-pop male group, BIGBANG. I automatically fell in love with the music video and started listening to them on a daily basis. I was always so obsessed with the group members, especially Taeyang. Then I came across the Wonder Girls and other K-pop groups.

After discovering K-pop, I’ve watched Star King where ordinary people showed their special talents. I’ve also watched Star Dance Battle that showed K-pop groups having a dance showcase with each other, and whoever got the most points would win. After School was my favorite performance to watch on the show and they would always win!

As soon as I discovered more K-pop groups, I’ve became attached and addicted to the music. It was always fun learning dances from K-pop videos and trying to sing the lyrics in Korean. I used to think, how is K-pop so good when we can’t even understand what they’re saying? Some of us may not understand or speak Korean, but we can already feel touched by the music itself.

Although there’s still amazing groups out there, the 2nd generation of K-pop will always hold a place in my heart because I personally think that’s where the best memories are at.

Why K-pop is so popular today

The truth about K-pop is that, they have rigorous training and have to put all their time and effort into it for years to become professional. K-pop trainees hardly have enough time to do anything else outside, like spend time with their family and friends. They often lose sleep and starve themselves day and night.

K-pop trainees also get criticized if they make a wrong move that doesn’t meet up the industry’s expectations. Looks almost play a big role in the K-pop world other than talent. You have to look good and do as they please in order to get more recognition.

Another reason why K-pop is so popular today is because, the music is very diverse and sometimes have their own versions in different languages like Japanese and English. The music video theme is usually filled with creative productions that tells a story to the audience. K-pop tends to focus heavily on promoting overseas.

Fanwars in K-pop

There’s often a comparison between K-pop groups that I dislike about K-pop. Fans would fight about why their favorite band/group is more superior, and attack others that have a different point of view. Sometimes a K-pop group is compared to a nonK-pop group when both equally have their own successes.

For instance, Little Mix and Blackpink are often compared by Blinks and Mixers. Little Mix is a British girl group from the UK, and they are extremely talented as well as Blackpink. So the two shouldn’t even be competed against each other. I personally prefer Little Mix with no hate towards Blackpink, but both are still such iconic girl groups that have their own style.

What I think about K-pop:

Since K-pop has increased worldwide, I slowly started to lose interest and grew out of it. I understand that K-pop has dramatically changed over the past years, but I feel that K-pop focuses more on views instead of the quality of music now. K-pop fans nowadays have gotten extreme to the point where it’s toxic. I still love K-pop deep down, but I don’t consider myself a “stan” as much as before. K-pop will always have its pros and cons just like any music out there.

I, too honestly do miss the old generation of K-pop and like listening to the more underrated K-pop songs, but I still enjoy today’s K-pop! I’m thrilled that many people from different backgrounds are opening up to K-pop more and their culture. Sometimes your favorite band/group can have their contract ended and have another career for different reasons. It’s sad to see your favorite members leave from time to time, but at least you’ll always be willing to support them no matter what.

My favorite K-pop groups (2nd Generation):

  • Sistar
  • 2NE1
  • Wonder Girls
  • After School
  • EXID
  • SHINee
  • B2ST (BEAST)

My current favorite K-pop groups:

Even though I only have 3 favorite K-pop groups in this generation, I will put the names of my bias on each list. This is only my perception if some of the most popular groups today aren’t listed. I prefer to listen to a slightly less popular group, but these are my few ultimate favorite groups that I mainly listen to the most.

  • Twice- Sana
  • Itzy- Yuna
  • Red Velvet- Irene

My favorite K-pop idol:

Hands down my favorite K-pop idol is BoA. She has such amazing dance skills and vocals. I honestly think she’s one of the best visuals of K-pop. BoA is like a legend and has been recognized as one of the most influential singers ever. She is considered the “top artist” in East Asia for a reason. Her talent, personality, and visuals are what inspire me. The best music video from BoA is ‘Only One,’ my all time favorite.

“You have to become the ‘first of yourself’ instead of trying to become the second of anyone.”


Saranghae chingu ya!

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