The amount of Asian hate crimes that have drastically skyrocketed is absolutely revolting, despicable, and disgusting to our Asian community that makes me sick to my stomach. I have every right and the freedom of speech to be angry and frustrated with our generation that we live in. Our Asian ancestors did not flee to America from generation to generation for a better life just to endure discrimination. It’s hard to forgive our enemies when they’re still not allowing peace and unity in this country. We’re truly exhausted, so is enough ever enough?! What gives anyone the right to continuously treat Asians differently no matter where they come from?! The majority will see Asians as mostly “Chinese” when it’s obvious that Asia is the largest continent in the world with so many diverse regions and languages. Once again, Asians are not just from one background only. But sadly, many Americans are still close-minded and lack education to see what’s really out there. The same ones that are against wearing masks are usually the same ones that like to make racist remarks on the Asian community. America, make it make sense. America is not doing any better for the sake of risking and hurting our community nonstop.

This is not the matter of time to justify which POC matters more or what not. All POC should matter equally. Period. The excuses that “Asians haven’t spoke out or done anything for other POC” is just another way to keep having us divided. Life is not a competition or a comparison about who suffers the most, and we shouldn’t need to pretend that there’s no good people out there left that actually cares about equality. What needs to be blamed is the White supremacy that has been affecting our entire communities for centuries. Our Asian community is very easily defined whenever there’s a few bad ones. Having a few bad ones does not define the rest of our Asian community. Do you expect everyone to act the same way once you meet them?! Absolutely not. If you encounter a few bad customers, does that mean that all of your customers are gonna be the same way?! Absolutely not. The Asian community is begging to be free, to be safe, to be PROTECTED. Anyone should have the right to go out safely without having to worry about their lives being in danger for looking Asian. I repeat that Asians should not have to walk in fear for their lives. They should be coming home safe and sound with their families, instead of being attacked or having their lives taken away so selfishly.

The dreams and the lives of many Asian Americans have been shattered. Some families will not be able to see their loved ones live successfully. They’ve had dreams, hopes, wishes, and a purpose just for it to be taken away from their family. The younger generation doesn’t deserve to grow up traumatized. We’re not going to sit here any longer to watch our Asian brothers and sisters keep getting murdered by a malicious person with no morals towards POC.

As an Asian American I shall say;

  • I have hopes and dreams.
  • I am proud to be Asian.
  • I am not defined by our stereotypes.
  • I am proud of my skin color.
  • I am open-minded and strong.
  • I will not be ridiculed or mocked.
  • I have zero tolerance for racism.
  • I have the right to live my life freely.
  • I deserve to feel safe.

Everyday, I constantly worry about my loved ones becoming a victim at any moment. It’s ridiculous to make people from cultural backgrounds feel ASHAMED of their own skin color by racists attacking and throwing racial slurs. Racism towards Asian Americans is often normalized and viewed as a laughing stock for years. We’ve come to the conclusion that we’re not backing down without a fight against anti-Asian hate crimes and racism. People with weak minds will always find an excuse to keep having everyone divided from each other instead of standing up for each and every one of our brothers and sisters. Black, brown, yellow, red, you name it. We all need to come together and have the right mindset that will help us unite.

Wrong mindset vs Right mindset

Wrong mindset

  1. “I don’t care for Asian lives if it’s not our problem.”
  2. “Why do I need to stick up for Asians when they’ve also treated our people wrong?”
  3. “It’s the Asian’s fault that they brought corona in this country!”
  4. “All Asians are the same.”
  5. “Asians only like White people.”
  6. “If Asians experience so much racism, then why are they one of the richest group in the nation?”
  7. “Asians eat the weirdest things so we should stay away from them.”
  8. “I don’t feel bad for Asians, they deserve it.”
  9. “That’s not racist, it’s just a joke.”
  10. “But it’s the truth about Asians…”

Right mindset

  1. “Asians are also human like everyone else.”
  2. “Asians are Americans too.”
  3. “Asians are not a virus.”
  4. “I will not stand silent for the Asian community.”
  5. “Anti-Asian racism is not a joke.”
  6. “Asian lives are important just as much as BIPOC.”
  7. “It’s time to educate ourselves and others on the history of anti-Asian sentiment.”
  8. “The Asian community needs to be protected.”
  9. “Violence is the real virus.”
  10. “Stereotypes do not define the race of a human being, especially Asians.”

We need to be brave and stand up for one another. There’s no sides to choose from when everyone should be reciprocated with love and support. Our Asian community is already hurting and suffering to the point where we’ve had enough. I’m extremely disgusted with the rise of hate crimes happening to Asian Americans everyday across the world that are trying to live a normal life. Hate is a virus. Violence is a virus. Racism is a virus.

Amplifying our voices and taking action together can help make a huge difference. Together we can help save the lives of many.

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